Count My Vote: “Stand Down on SB54” (Video)

In a press conference held on Thursday at Utah’s Capitol, supporters of the Count My Vote initiative spoke out against the actions of Senator Curt Bramble and SB 54.  Supporters of Count My Vote claim that the bill circumvents the will of the people who have chosen to sign the CMV petition. Bramble, and SB 54 supporters, have claimed that the bill takes many of the ideas of CMV, and expands upon them, whereas supporters of CMV contend Bramble is distorting the facts.

SB 54 passed its second reading in the Senate immediately following this press conference. The bill is expected to be heard for a third and final time in the Senate on Friday before being sent to the House. Governor Gary Herbert has threatened to veto SB 54, although it has been noted that if the bill were to march steady through the legislative process, a veto override could take place prior to the end of the regular legislative session.

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