UPC Show: Episode 68 – The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!

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Yes, it is the second half of our two hour show on Saturday!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC Editor Michael Iverson, and UPC writer’s Alex Cragun and Michael Orton.

In this hour, we discuss plans to help fund National Parks in the event of a future government shutdown, a terrible, awful, no good bill to change the fire code after a hissy-fit, raising the speed limit to 80 miles per hour…but don’t worry about that seat belt. In the second half, the debate over Medicaid funding is brewing, the raw deal Salt Lake County school districts are getting the short end of the stick in regards to funding equalization, increasing the taxes on electric and hybrid vehicles (while also upping the tax credit for new hybrids), and the death of a clean air bill that would partially pay for transit passes during our dirty-air months.

Today’s closing song: Fruitcakes – Jimmy Buffett 

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