UPC Show: Episode 64 – Don’t Say Something Dumb for Fear of Saying Something Dumb

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Welcome to this week’s second episode of the UPC show!

For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC researcher Dave McGee and UPC contributing editor Michael Iverson.

Let’s come together and admit that sometimes interns can send out dumb tweets about sensitive topics. To do so, lets all grab a drink and talk about the merits of changing the state tree!

Perhaps while doing so, you will mark your calendars and get excited as the UPC show prepares for a live show next Saturday, February 15th from 10 to noon on AM 630.

As a reminder, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or Stitcher or simply searching for Utah Political Capitol in either service. Also, don’t forget that you can track all of the bills we have analyzed over at our Status of Flagged Bills page.

Today’s closing song: Cry – The Used

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3 Replies to “UPC Show: Episode 64 – Don’t Say Something Dumb for Fear of Saying Something Dumb

  1. Oh, by the way, I was the guy at the YDU lunch who said hi because I recognized your voice from the show and promised I would donate. So I did.

  2. State Animal:
    Rocky Mountain Elk
    State Bird:
    California Seagull
    State Cooking Pot:
    Dutch Oven
    State Emblem:
    State Fish:
    Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
    State Flag:
    State Flag and Seal
    State Flower:
    Sego Lily
    State Folk Dance:
    Square Dance
    State Fossil:
    State Fruit:
    State Gem:
    State Grass:
    Indian Rice Grass
    State Insect:
    Honey Bee
    State Mineral:
    State Motto:
    State Rock:
    State Song:
    “Utah, This Is The Place”
    State Hymn:
    “Utah We Love Thee”
    State Star:
    State Tartan:
    Utah State Tartan
    State Tree:
    Blue Spruce
    State Vegetable:
    Spanish Sweet Onion
    State Historic Vegetable:
    Sugar Beet
    State Astronomical Symbol:
    Beehive Cluster located in the constellation of Cancer the Crab.
    Centennial Star:
    Dubhe, one of the seven bright stars composing the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major.
    State Firearm:
    John M. Browning, designed M1911 automatic pistol.
    State Fossil:
    State Grass:
    Indian Rice Grass
    State Railroad Museum:
    Ogden Union Station
    State Winter Sports:
    Skiing and Snowboarding

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