UPC Show: Episode 62 – Let the Festivities Begin

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Welcome to this weeks second episode of the UPC show!

Yes, during the legislative session, we will be providing you with updates to all of the crazy that takes place on Capitol Hill. For this episode, Curtis is joined by UPC writer Alex Cragun and UPC researcher Dave McGee.

The talk about Speaker Lockhart’s throwdown, Governor Herbert’s State of the State address, the importance of Medicaid expansion, the viability of the USTAR initiative, the possible tearing down of the Zion Curtain, and pro and anti gay marriage rallies that took place at the Capitol.

On Monday, we were happy to announce that we are on iTunes! Well, today we are happy to report that we are also on Sticher. You can subscribe to iTunes by clicking here, or Stitcher by clicking here…or, you know, you can simply search for Utah Political Capitol in either service.

Remember, you can track all of the bills we have analyzed over at our Status of Flagged Bills page.

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