Senators Look for ways to Reduce Reimbursement Reporting Errors in Chamber

Senate Chamber (2)

In a lightning quick session, the Senate Legislative Expense Oversight Committee met Tuesday morning to discuss modifying procedures concerning legislators receiving reimbursements for lodging, meals, and transportation.

Under the new rules, members of the Senate would be given an extension on the deadline to submit expense reports. General session expense reports would be due by May 31, rather than in March. Other expense reports would be due within sixty days, rather than twenty-one. This change would only apply to the Senate. The House procedures would remain the same.

“My understanding is that this will allow the folks who are turning in receipts the opportunity to have a little bit of additional time to make sure that they have a chance to look at statements from the bank and make sure that their receipts are accurate, and that’s the reason for the changes as I understand it. I think it’s a good change,” said Sen. Ralph Okerlund (Republican -Monroe), who, along with Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (Republican – Sandy) and Sen. Gene Davis (Democrat – Salt Lake City), serves on the committee.

The motion to make the changes was unanimously approved.