UPC Show: Episode 59 – Back to Our Roots

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Welcome to this weeks episode of the UPC show!

This week, Curtis welcomes UPC editor Michael Iverson and UPC researcher Dave McGee into the studio.

Alright, good news/bad news time. Yes, due to programing changes at k-talk, we are currently not on the air. Good news is we dusted off the old podcast equipment and are still able to give you the UPC show that you know and love. We are in talks with other radio stations and we will be sure to let you know of any updates!

In this week’s episode, the boys ask the question: what does Utah have in common with the Great Emu War (yes, that was a thing)? Well, that killing emus and fighting gay marriage in the state is ultimately self defeating. The trio also discuss why SB 100 and HB 240, crating a statewide non discrimination law should pass and raising the gas tax, respectively, should pass. Also, why education is important and how it relates to Provo and Salt Lake becoming the future of our national economy. Finally we ask why Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker making a call for local pollution controls if the state won’t intervene.

All this, and the phrase “bubble-butt.”

Today’s closing song: Prometheus – Will Bedford

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