Investigation Reports Day 1: Swallow Altered and Manufactured Records

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Former Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow

House investigators of John Swallow’s possible wrongdoings began to release their findings to the public Thursday, with more to come Friday. Spending $2.3 million and 5 months on the investigation, the committee has come to the conclusion that Swallow deliberately tried to mislead the investigation, fabricated and destroyed evidence in order to support his narrative.

Lead counsel to the investigation, Steve Reich, presented his reconstruction of the Swallow timeline to the House Committee.

The first half of Reich’s presentation alleged that Swallow forged invoices and day planners, claiming they were from 2010 and 2011, but were actually written in 2012. Reich called it “violating the spirit and letter of the law.” The documents relate to the payments Jeremy Johnson gave P-Solutions and RMR Consulting, companies owned or connected to the Swallow family. According to Reich, after the now infamous Krispy Kreme Meeting with Johnson in 2012, Swallow panicked and began forging documents.

The committee played clips of the Krispy Kreme meeting with Johnson, and presented evidence supporting their case. Particularly damning were comparisons between Swallow’s calendar and state timecards. On some days, Swallow’s state timecard showed him working 12 or 14 hour days, yet his day planners show him simultaneously working 12 hours somewhere else. While it’s possible that Swallow worked a few 18 and 20 hour days, Reich noted, it was much more likely that the documents were forged sometime later down the road.

Reich citied examples of Swallow’s unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation, most notably Swallow’s attorney Rod Snow refusing to let Swallow be interviewed on camera. “[Typically] the client is the tone-setter and the lawyer is the executor,” Reich continued, adding that he believes Swallow’s lawyer acted ethically and was not trying to obstruct justice. Reich also maintained that while Swallow himself was incredibly difficult to work with, was not forthcoming in the investigation, and may have manufactured and/or deleted records, the Attorney General’s office itself was not involved in the fabrication or deletion of documents.

Further findings are expected over the next two days. We will be sure to provide you with the investigation’s findings.

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