UPC Episode 54! Special Guest: Senator Aaron Osmond

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Welcome to this weeks episode of the UPC show!

This week, Curtis welcomes UPC researcher, Dave McGee into the studio along with special guest: Senator Aaron Osmond (Republican – South Jordan).

The pair interviewed Osmond for the full hour as the senator expanded on his ideas surrounding compulsory education, a topic which came back into focus Tuesday when Osmond released the details of three bills Osmond intends to run during the upcoming legislative session.

Are private/homeschooled students given advantages under Osmond’s proposal? Are the poor placed at a disadvantage thanks to proposed contractual agreements? Is his legislation simply rhetoric from conservative organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)? Do public schools even have the resources necessary to achieve these goals? Osmond answers all of these questions and more during the frank discussion.

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Today’s closing song: Christmas Was Better In The 80’s – The Futureheads

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