Salt Lake City Launches Sustainability Dashboard


Residents of Salt Lake City now have a new tool to keep engaged with their city. Launched last Wednesday, SLCGreen Sustainability Dashboard covers 12 aspects of city living, from air quality to food and nutrition, with the intention of regularly updating the public on city projects and providing measures of progress.

“The Sustainable City Dashboard is an effort to openly engage with residents as we work toward our goals for the future,” said Mayor Becker. “The tool illuminates a broad and ambitious agenda to protect our resources, enhance our assets and establish a path toward greater resiliency and vitality for every aspect of our community.”

The dashboard provides a platform for citizens to address concerns and express ideas about city projects and city life. Each category gives the city’s current performance, followed by the city’s objective for 2015, with subcategories and subjects for more detail.

The dashboard is part of Mayor Becker’s 2015 Livability Agenda, and the city hopes it will result in a faster, more efficient system to gather public input. It will be facilitated through the city’s preexisting program Open City Hall, which is managed by Peak Democracy, a non-partisan organization dedicated civic engagement.

“I hope Salt Lake City residents will see the new dashboard as an opportunity to explore what their city is doing to improve our community, and become part of the process by sharing their own ideas on how we can reach our goals,” said Mayor Becker.

For more information on the Dashboard, click here.

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