UPC Show Episode 50! Whoa…A Second Hour!

podcast pic

Welcome to this Wednesday’s episode of the UPC show!

In this episode, Curtis was joined by friend of the show and author of Coolest Family Ever, Jessie Harris and UPC researcher Dave McGee.

In this hour, Curtis introduces a new segment to the show: Politics 101. This week the topic was what, exactly, is the impeachment process and why what is currently taking place is not impeachment. The trio also talk shop on elections and the impact of the failed Jordan School District Bond, Mike Lee’s rally, and the struggling counties who suffered under the government shutdown.

Don’t forget! You can listen to the show LIVE every Saturday morning from 2-4 PM on KTKK AM630, or stream it at www.k-talk.com.

Today’s closing song:  Baby Got Back – Jonathan Coulton.

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