Less Than a Week Remains to Register to Vote


Monday, October 21st will be the last day citizens can register to vote in order to participate in the 2013 election taking place on Tuesday November 5th.

Historically, off year elections (elections where voters do not choose a President, Congressperson, or Governor, for example) have low turn out – meaning that those that do vote have a greater say in the outcome of any particular election.

Across the state, voters will chose mayors, city council members, and vote on local initiatives. These officials often don’t deal with the most high-profile issues that often create headlines, but it is often the decisions they make to fund roads, recreation centers, libraries, and the like, that have the greatest impact on the day-to-day lives of people.

Any eligible voter must be a citizen of the United States, lived in Utah for the last 30 days, and be 18 years of age or older.  However, because the election is so close, citizens can only register online or at their county clerks office. In order to process an online registration, eligible citizens must have a valid drivers licence that shows a current address. Citizens who have recently moved or are unsure if they registered at their new home should check with their county clerk first before attempting to register.

Once registered, voters can opt to vote the day of the election, or up to two weeks prior during the early voting process. Voters will be notified of their day-of polling location by mail, and voters can visit any early voting location in the county they reside.

To register online, click here. For a list of County Clerk locations, click here.

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