UPC Show Episode 46! Mike Lee is Highly Illogical – And Special Guest: Guy Warner

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Welcome to this weeks episode of the UPC show!

Curtis welcomes UPC researcher, Dave McGee, into the studio this week.

The two discussed the…interesting tactics Senator Mike Lee (Republican, Utah) is using in Washington to prove why he is right and Obama is wrong. The two also welcomed Guy Warner into the studio. Guy was the individual who started the “Democrats against Jim Matheson” Facebook page. Finally, all three wrap up by discussing the (probable) new Lieutenant Governor, Spencer Cox.

As a programming note – there will be no UPC show next week. Curtis’ fantastic wife is forcing the two of them to go down to Las Vegas for a concert and get-away. We will be back on the 28th.

Don’t forget! You can listen to the show LIVE every Saturday morning from 9-10am on KTKK AM630, or stream it at www.k-talk.com.

Today’s closing song: Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters (NSFW)

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