From The Writer’s Desk: Dear Congress

Alex C
Alex Cragun – UPC Writer

Dear Congress,

Are you serious? It’s been eleven days. Eleven. Days.

You haven’t come up with a solution, you’ve yet to make any progress as an institution, and yet you still receive a paycheck. You still have your gym, you still have staffers, hell, you still have the tram between the House and the Senate. You’re willing to deny women, children, veterans and seniors basic assistance to prove some unfounded point. You’re okay letting food go uninspected, emergencies unmitigated, and federal employees unemployed on a whim. You’re okay with downgrading the credit and integrity of the US economy over a short-sighted, political move.

Shame on you! What is wrong with you?

You know what, I don’t give a furlough-updated-congressional-kickback about your excuses. Get it done.

“The senate and president aren’t willing to negotiate…”

Cow-excrement! Never has a Congress been so willing to sabotage the progress of their country. You almost brought this nation to its knees earlier this year and yet you are so willing to do it again. Have you learned nothing? You are messing with the well-being of American citizens with much gravitas and bravado. It’s as if you are proud of your actions. Haven’t you heard? Your approval ratings are in the toilet, and those that approve of you should seriously reconsider their political positions.

Where in your right mind do you think it is okay to hold government hostage? Trying to defund a law passed by a democratically elected legislature, signed by a democratically elected president and upheld by a Supreme Court appointed by democratically elected presidents and confirmed by democratically elected senators is childish.

Democrat or Republican, if you’re exacerbating this problem, I hope you lose your seat by an overwhelming mandate next year. An ocean of votes. A lose so bad, you gain 30 lbs and grow a beard, regardless of gender.

Get your social-health-insurance-together and fix this problem.

You guys are pulling a major John Boehner.

Alex Cragun


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