UPC Show episode 38! Osmond and Briscoe Debate Compulsory Education

Another week, another UPC Show! This time, Eric and Curtis moderate a debate between Republican Senator Aaron Osmond and Democratic Representative Joel Briscoe. Osmond is proposing that we eliminate compulsory education in Utah, making schooling optional for kids. Briscoe, a former teacher, says that will seriously hurt not only Utah schools and teachers, but kids’ futures.

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3 Replies to “UPC Show episode 38! Osmond and Briscoe Debate Compulsory Education

  1. Either parents have a “fundamental liberty interest” in the education of their children (per Utah statute) or we have state compulsory education. One should be repealed because they are in conflict with each other.

    I would encourage everyone to watch Sir Ken Robinson’s excellent 2013 TED talk on Escaping Education’s Death Valley. In it he mentions how Finland has achieved a less than 1% dropout rate by engaging the students in a more tailored way. It’s an excellent talk that it very enjoyable to listen to. He also slams No Child Left Behind (and by association Common Core) as ineffective top-down programs that don’t meet the needs of individuals.

  2. The things that Sen. Osmond sites are, indeed, problems but I don’t see any way in which getting rid of compulsory education will solve any of them. Actually, it would be just another excuse to continue to defund public education. I suppose we can take him at his word about his intentions but the idea that he would get rid of the compulsory aspect without the other plans already in place (and he was very vague about those) makes me suspicious. Libertarians and many conservatives want to make any publicly funded program innefective and this seems like just another step towards completely getting rid of public education. It’s such a horrible idea.

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