VIDEO: Utah Political Capitol and Eagle Forum Debate SCOTUS Rulings

eric and gail

Utah Political Capitol’s managing editor Eric Ethington sat down this morning with Eagle Forum’s Gayle Ruzicka to debate the implications of this morning’s Supreme Court decisions striking down both DOMA and Prop 8.


6 Replies to “VIDEO: Utah Political Capitol and Eagle Forum Debate SCOTUS Rulings

  1. Gayle Rezeeka is a piece of work. She’s such a creepy woman who is so self-righteous, arrogant and pharisaical. Her views will one day be thrown into the dustbin of history and looked upon as incredibly backward.

    1. Both. I thoroughly enjoyed her everybody is equal but not shtick. Makes perfect sense. Eric, way to keep your wits about you and to let her spew her special brand of nonsense. She talks herself in circles while you came out sounding intelligent and peace loving. Well done! 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how they cherry pick their issues – Back in the 70s, when the Belgian government granted gay marriage rights, the saints of the Brussels and Antwerp missions were un-phased, and left wafting in the breeze, with no formal opinion from the Church. It’s the law of the land and all that. Now that we have had rumblings of equality here in the US, suddenly the tax exempt church is up in arms to advocate ($22million worth of advocacy, aligning itself with the Catholics in the midst of the global child-rape cover up…How’d the Holy Spirit miss that?) and yet retains its status as a “.org.” Time to read the science folks. There are 4 distinct sexual orientations in human biology. Straight, Gay, those that have a physiological response to both, and those without a response. They are all within the range of normal, and they are innate. God bestows ALL knowledge upon us as we are spiritually mature enough to handle it. We’ve known this for a while – so its time to deal with the truth. Your sexual orientation is a biological response that cannot be changed. Live morally. Get married. Be good to each other. This is the correct thing to do. These knucklehead politicians that are trying to impose their idea of doctrine on the populace need to head back to the house and get over it. “My house is a house where majority rules.” I would post chapter and verse, but I am certain for those that know it, it would be redundant.

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