VIDEO: Senator Jim Dabakis Proposes to Longtime Partner

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Utah Democratic Party Chairman, Jim Dabakis

At a party tonight celebrating the Supreme Court’s rulings that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and legalized gay marriage in California, Utah Senator Jim Dabakis proposed to his longtime partner Stephen. He said yes.

3 Replies to “VIDEO: Senator Jim Dabakis Proposes to Longtime Partner

  1. I’ve followed this blog for a while and really enjoyed your writing but I also follow the Twitter tag for Utah politicos and I see you write stories from what other people post a lot without crediting them like to pretend you were the one to find it like this video. I happen to know who first Tweeted this out BTW. I am not a journalist I work in printing but I know this is unethical practice and it is to bad because I enjoy what I read here often.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jay, but we shot this video ourselves, then gave Fox13 permission to use it when they asked.

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