Swallow Responds: “The Legislature made the right decision”

Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow
Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow

After the House Republican Caucus made the decision earlier today not to move forward with the official impeachment process against him, Attorney General John Swallow held a press conference saying that the “legislature absolutely made the right decision.”

While the impeachment process would have given the Utah House of Representative the authority to conduct a full investigation with the end result being a yes or no vote on whether to actually impeach the scandal-laden Attorney General, House Republicans did approve a motion to convene the House of Representatives and begin an “investigatory committee.” Basically, it’s one step down from an official impeachment investigation, and just leaves the word “impeach” out of it.

“I will cooperate fully with the House investigation,” said Swallow, “and look forward to being exonerated of all wrongdoing by them just as I expect to be exonerated by [both the FBI and County criminal investigations]. I ran a campaign of good solid Republican messaging, and I believe in that.”

Swallow also responded to a question about whether or not he now thinks he made a mistake when he spoke to a businessman who was under investigation by the Division of Consumer Protection, saying that once he became the Attorney General (he was Chief Deputy AG at the time), he was going to move the Division to be under the control of the AG’s office. Unbeknownst to Swallow at the time, the call was being tape recorded and transcript has been published for the public to see. “I had,what I thought was a good conversation, and no, I don’t think there was anything I did that was wrong.”

After one reporter asked him about the allegations against Mark Shurtleff, including that he offered to collect $2 million from a businessman who was under investigation by Shurtleff to pay off another businessman who was harassing one of Shurtleff’s friends, Swallow simply said, “Mark Shurtleff did many things I was unaware of.”

The Republican Attorney General also responded to the recent poll results from BYU, showing that 72 percent of Utahns believe that he should be impeached by the legislature. “I don’t listen to public opinion polls. The only one I care about is the one in 2016 when voters will decide whether or not to reelect me.”

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