Swallow Emails Legislators On Eve of Impeachment Discussion

Utah Republican Attorney General John Swallow
Utah Republican Attorney General John Swallow

Late Tuesday evening, just hours before House Republicans meet to discuss whether or not an impeachment process against him should commence, scandal-laden Attorney General John Swallow fired off an email to all 75 members of the Utah House of Representatives.

The four page email begs lawmakers not to begin an official impeachment investigation, and reiterates Swallow’s past hints  that he believes the media is to blaim. “[T]his whole affair has been hyper-politicized by the media,” says the letter. “and I trust and hope the Legislature, should it chose [sic] to proceed, would use discretion and care. Just last week, a news station came to my neighborhood and knocked on my door while I was away on official state business, cathing one of my children alone at home and scaring her.”

Swallow also now appears to be using a line that comes from a recent letter from the Eagle Forum to their supporters when they called for Swallow to be cleared: “It is worth noting that there have been NO allegations of wrongdoing during the time I have been Attorney General. All the allegations are related to before I became Attorney General and come from those who have an axe to grind.”

Swallow concludes by offering answer any questions the legislature would like answered, if they will hold off on beginning an official impeachment investigation.

Below Swallow’s letter, he addresses most of the allegations that have been made against him, primarily reiterating that he believes them all to be false and motivated by individuals who are politically against him or who cannot be trusted because they are under indictment.

Notably missing from his rebuttals to the allegations, are any mention of the recent story from the Tribune that revealed that he had accepted more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from individuals or companies who were either currently, or who would be very shortly, under investigation by the Attorney General’s office.

Yesterday, a statewide poll conducted by BYU said that 72 percent of Utahns want to see the impeachment process move forward.

Swallow has also appeared to drop his former assertion that impeaching him would be illegal.


Swallow Letter to Legislators

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