Full Results: BYU Poll Reveals John Swallow’s Approval Ratings & Impeachment Numbers

A new statewide poll conducted by BYU’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy is showing bad news for the scandal-laden Attorney General John Swallow. Only 2 percent responded “strongly favorable” about the AG, and less than 10 percent responded “somewhat favorable.”


The poll was conducted between June 10th and 16th, with 947 respondents. Margin of error is + or – 3.38 percent.

You can see the full results here, and follow the pollsters on twitter at @utahdatapoints. Here are the highlights:

  • John Swallow’s favorability is extremely low, now sitting at 12%  (combining “somewhat” and “strongly” favorable).  Less than 2% respond “strongly favorable.”

  • News of the accusations against Swallow is widespread among voters, and folks who have heard about it overwhelmingly believe that Swallow has committed ethical or legal infractions.  87% of Utah voters have “heard, read, or seen anything recently about the accusations,” and of this group, 34% think Swallow has done something illegal and 63% respond that he has done something unethical.  Less than 4% believe that Swallow has done nothing unethical.

  • A strong majority of voters favors beginning the impeachment process. After a brief introduction to the Utah impeachment process, 72% say the Utah House of Representatives should allow formal impeachment proceedings to begin.

  • When the roughly one quarter of Utah voters who do not want impeachment to begin are asked why not, 62% say that the legislature “should wait until the criminal investigations are complete.”  Only 4% say so because they “don’t believe the accusations.”

  • The electoral consequences of beginning impeachment proceedings now are low. When asked if their own legislator voted to begin impeachment proceedings, a plurality of Utah voters (35%) say that doing so would increase their support for the legislator, while a majority (56%) say it would “neither increase nor decrease my support.”  Only 9% of voters respond that doing so would decrease their support.

  • Finally, at the end of the sequence of questions we asked, “Thinking about everything you have read or heard about the John Swallow situation, which of the following comes closest to your view of what should happen right now?”  78% say Swallow should resign and 22% say he should stay in office.


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