Senate Dems Send Letter to GOP Leadership Pushing for Investigation of AG Swallow

Senate Democratic Leader, Gene Davis
Senate Democratic Leader, Gene Davis

Senate Democratic Leader Gene Davis has sent a letter to Republican Speaker of the House, Becky Lockhart, and Republican Senate President, Wayne Neiderhauser, asking that the legislature use the Government Operations Committee be used to investigate scandal-laden Attorney General John Swallow.

This call from the Senate Democrats comes just two days after the House Democrats published an Op-Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, unanimously calling for an investigation of Swallow.

Dear Speaker Lockhart and President Niederhauser:

Over the past several months, a number of allegations of wrongdoing have been made against Utah’s Attorney General John Swallow. Since information about the allegations continues to unfold and because discussions continue about impeachment, the Senate Democratic Caucus believes it is now time for the Utah Legislature to investigate the issues surrounding the allegations.

In the interest of our commitment to open government and integrity amongst our state’s elected officials, it behooves us to provide a venue for addressing the allegations against Attorney General John Swallow. We suggest that this issue be brought forward and addressed in the upcoming Government Operations Interim Committee meeting scheduled for July 17, 2013.

We look forward to action at the next Legislative Management Committee meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Senator Gene Davis  Senator Karen Mayne  Senator Patricia W. Jones  Senator Luz Robles
Minority Leader           Minority Whip             Minority Ass’t. Whip          Caucus Manager

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