Speaker Lockhart Sends Third Email On Impeachment to Lawmakers – “You’ve Been Warned”

Becky Lockhart, Republican Speaker of the House
Becky Lockhart, Republican Speaker of the House

Utah Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart has sent yet another email to lawmakers with instructions on impeachment, indicating yet again that the House of Representatives is getting closer to making a decision on scandal-laden Republican Attorney General John Swallow.

In the latest email, the Speaker included a collection of quotes on what constitutes grounds for impeachment, and referenced a soon-coming fourth email which will apparently include an in-depth policy analysis on what the impeachment process would entail.

Dear Colleagues,

This week’s impeachment process e-mail is a little easier to get through. I’ve settled on a number of quotes and excerpts that you can read in your spare time. It’s more of an overview than in-depth policy analysis. That will come in the next email-You’ve been warned.

Attached you will find: 

  • Congressional Research Service/excerpts from Mr. Charles Doyle on Impeachment Grounds
  • Other various quotes I have gathered throughout my research over the past few months

Remember, we have no precedent for Impeachment in the state of Utah. This information is provide context.

I continue to encourage you to engage with your colleagues and constituents. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Speaker Becky Lockhart


Impeachment Quotes

Various Quotes[1] (1)

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