Senator Aaron Osmond Responds to Story Tying Him to John Swallow

Republican Senator Aaron Osmond
Republican Senator Aaron Osmond

After the Tribune broke the news yesterday that Senator Aaron Osmond’s (Republican, South Jordan) “build-your-own-wealth” companies were major backers of scandal-laden Attorney General, John Swallow, the Senator posted a response tonight on the Utah State Senate’s blog.

In the short article, Osmond is defensive of his past relationship and campaign donations to Swallow.

In 2011, I saw in John Swallow a person who was committed to supporting small business…

Being very involved in small business ventures, I wanted someone like him in office. I felt we could work with him to bring needed changes to our industry, changes we wanted to proactively implement.

At the end of the day, I liked him. I trusted him and I supported him. Because of that, I encouraged the owners of the companies for whom I worked to donate to his campaign. They listened to me and contributed significantly. (They ended up donating nearly $100,000 over a 1 year period of time to his campaign…

After all the news recently about build-your-wealth, payday lenders, and telemarketing companies donating unusually large amounts to the Attorney General—some of whom are now alleging that Swallow offered them protection from prosecution in return—it’s no surprise that Osmond’s donations are raising some eyebrows.

It’s worth it to point out that in the Senator’s response, he says that he “encouraged the owners of the companies” for whom he worked to donate when, according to the Tribune, Osmond himself was the CEO of the companies in question.

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