Survey Results – 50% Think AG Swallow Will Resign Office

John Swallow, utah, attorney general, republican
Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow

This morning, Utah Political Capitol launched a survey asking Utah residents what they think will be the ultimate outcome of the multiple allegations and investigations into Attorney General John Swallow. Below are the (utterly unscientific) results.

*Final updated numbers: 

Resigns from office 49%
Impeachment by State Legislature 22%
Federal indictment, found guilty 24%
Federal indictment, found not guilty 5%
No action, remains in office 0%

There are a lot of possibilities, but the one thing completely clear is that with nearly a half dozen allegations and/or investigations piling up against our Attorney General – the office has lost much, if not all credibility among the people of Utah.Granted, the final outcome could be a combination of the options above. For example, the Attorney General could be indicted, found guilty of a civil crime, and then resign office. Or he could be indicted but the Utah Legislature impeaches him before he even makes it to court. Or, of course, he could be cleared of all charges.

**Related: The Trib is reporting that House Speaker Becky Lockhart is saying that “impeachment is on the table” when the Legislature meets again next week.


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