New Poll Shows Majority of Republicans Support Proposed Immigration Law


A new poll being released by the “Partnership for a New American Economy” and Grover Norquist’s “Americans for Tax Reform” is claiming that the vast majority of Republicans around the nation are strongly in favor of the bipartisan immigration law being proposed by the so-called “gang of 8.”

The poll surveyed 800 Americans April 22 and 23rd, with an “oversample of 400 Republicans.”

According to the results, fewer than 1 out of 4 Republicans think immigration is a bad thing and 67% of Republicans (74% of all Americans if you include Democrats) support the Gang of 8 bill.

The new legislation would require undocumented workers who are already in the country to pay some fines and complete a background check before being given a work visa. After making it that far, they would then face a minimum of a 10 year waiting period before being allowed to apply for citizenship. The bill goes further, putting in place a requirement that before anyone on a work visa can apply for full citizenship, a national e-verify system, as well as a “tracking system” must be in place.

As we have discussed before, a national e-verify system, which checks the citizenship status of prospective employees when they apply for a job, is likely inevitable. But the system is heavily flawed at the moment, being nearly as likely to mark a natural born citizen as an illegal immigrant as it is to find someone who is actually here illegally.

But the bipartisan legislation is picking up steam, even in conservative Utah.

“The general public is starting to understand that a broken immigration system is hurting our economy,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber via press release. “We have a tremendous opportunity to create a system that attracts the best and hardest working talent from around the world to fill in the gaps in the American workforce. We urge our federal delegation to work to pass the best immigration bill possible.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also launched a series of tv commercials in Utah, targeting Senator Orrin Hatch and encouraging his support of the immigration legislation.


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