Utah Protesters Send Muddled Message to Wells Fargo

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Photo via Peaceful Uprising’s twitter account

Peaceful Uprising, an organization sprung from the environmental protest activities of Tim DeChristopher, marched in protest of Wells Fargo Tuesday morning.

Their small group of roughly 25 protesters marched from the Little America hotel in downtown Salt Lake City and, according to Peaceful Uprising’s Twitter account, “stormed” the Wells Fargo building.

This was the first time in years Wells Fargo had moved a shareholders meeting from San Francisco to Salt Lake – and protesters claim the move was to avoid public scrutiny.

Peaceful Uprising appears to be protesting private prisons, however the connection between Wells Fargo and private prisons is unclear. A search of the groups Twitter, Facebook, and website do not provide any substantive information.

The group has been retweeting a sister organization in California that participated in today’s march. The group, Alliance of Californians for Community Development, have been protesting on a message centered around claims that Wells Fargo engages in illegal and discriminatory lending practices.

Despite low turnout and no clear objective, the group appears to have claimed victory. Wells Fargo has not responded to a request for comment.

3 Replies to “Utah Protesters Send Muddled Message to Wells Fargo

    1. We don’t publish what WE think they’re protesting. We only report on what the protesters themselves say they are protesting. But thanks for the link, Matt!

    2. Eric and Curtis tend to just automatically reject anything that Peaceful Uprising does in order to create distance between themselves and “activists.” Their intent is to throw mud, not start a conversation.

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