Democratic Chair Jim Dabakis Announces Run For Second Term

Utah Democratic Party Chair announces he will seek reelection
Utah Democratic Party Chair announces he will seek reelection

State Senator, and current Chairman of the Utah State Democratic Party, Jim Dabakis, announced this morning that he is seeking a second term as chairman of the party.

Dabakis originally ran for the chairmanship in 2011, in the wake of the party loosing several seats in the house and a seat in the senate. He focused that race on expanding and energizing the party base and kicked off his chairmanship by traversing the state, visiting urban and rural Democratic county parties.

In the subsequent two years, Dabakis has also placed an emphasis on increasing participation and voter turnout from members of the LDS (Mormon) church, and worked with members of the predominant religion within the party to create the LDS Caucus – an official caucus that has become the largest within the party, boasting several thousand members.

Efforts have also been put into place by Dabakis to increase minority participation within the  party, increasing resources allocated to a new Latino Outreach program. The Dems in Utah have also set some new fundraising records thanks to the energetic Chairman.

In an email to Party Delegates this morning, Dabakis says:

I pledge to focus like a laser on getting more Democrats elected. I will work with you to continue our crusade to get our message of Democratic values out to the public, to make sure that our Party is well-funded and that we hold to rigorous ethical standards.

Though it is early, there have been no official challengers to Dabakis’ seat. Leadership will be elected on June 20th at the State Democratic Party Convention.

The Republican Party Chairman, Thomas Wright, has announced that he will not be seeking reelection.

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