We Won a BEST OF UTAH! – Best Political News Site!

Best of Utah

HOLY MOLEY! Utah Political Capitol just won a BEST OF UTAH award from City Weekly for the “Best Political News Site” Wow… we can’t thank everyone enough for jumping on board and participating with this here website thingy.. Thanks City Weekly!

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Best Political News Site
Utah Political Capitol
Formed by political junkies Eric Ethington and Curtis Haring, Utah Political Capitol looks to hook Utahns into the latest news, analyses of legislative bills, election coverage and more. Besides translating the dense double-talk of political laws and bills, the site also offers a podcast and a handy citizen-empowering feature called One-click Democracy, which allows users to simply type in their addresses to be directed to their elected representatives, where they can write a message about the bill affecting them most and send it off immediately. What this means to you is that taking an active role in the democratic process now requires the same amount of time as making a Netflix pick.

8 Replies to “We Won a BEST OF UTAH! – Best Political News Site!

  1. Congrats Curtis & Eric – you worked up some respectable analysis and helped everyone understand the process better. Good work.

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