Recap – Passed or Failed. Where did all of our Flagged Bills end up?

We analyzed more than 60 bills this session, what happened to them all? Check out the list below to find out what happened to  the good and the bad.

pass fail


Ranked from our favorite bills, down to the one we hated

Bill Number Title Sponsor Rank Result
SB 38 Reauthorization of Veterans Reintegration Task Force Sen Knudson +5 Passed
HB 271 Funding For Public Education Rep. Bird +5 Failed
HB 55 Education Funding Amendments Rep. Briscoe +5 Failed
HJR 1 Joint Resolution Expressing Support for the Utah Compact Rep. Hemingway +5 Failed
SB 20 State Security Standards For Personal Info Sen Reid +5 Passed
SB 25 Elections During Declared Emergencies Sen Knudson +5 Passed
HB 91 Election Day Voter Registration Rep. Chavez-Houck +5 Failed
HB 254 College Credits for Veterans Rep Ray +4 Passed
HB 100 Internet Privacy Amendments Rep Barlow +4 Passed
HB 122 Fees for Government Records Requests Rep King +4 Failed
HB 64 Felon’s Right To Hold Office Rep Moss +4 Passed
SB 283 Availability of Public Information Amendments Sen Henderson +4 Passed
SB 122 Student Leadership Skills Development Sen Osmond +4 Passed
SJR 4 Joint Resolution on Ethics Complaint Procedures Sen. Robles +4 Failed
SB 108 Civil Rights Amendments Relating to Persons with a Disability Sen. Jones +4 Failed
HB 50 Dating Violence Protection Act Rep Seelig +4 Passed
HB 38 Anonymous Cash Donations To Campaigns Rep Powell +4 Failed
SB 18 Child Custody Proceedings Amendments Sen Robles +4 Passed
HB318 Classroom Size Revisions Rep Edwards +3 Passed
HJR 6 Compensation and Expense Reimbursements Rep Dee +3 Passed
HB 258 Straight Party Voting Amendments Rep Arent +3 Failed
HB 77 Wildfire Suppression Amendments Rep Powell +3 Failed
HB 262 Unaffiliated Voter Amendments Rep. Hall +3 Passed
HB 31 Enticing a Minor Amendments Rep. Webb +3 Passed
HB 405 Clean Air Transit Pilot Program Rep Briscoe +3 Failed
HB 274 Tax Credits for Employing a Homeless Person Rep. King +3 Failed
HB 44 Election Polling Rep Hughes +3 Passed
HB 13 Smoking In Cars With Children Rep Arent +3 Passed
HB 30 Line-of-Duty Death & Disability Amendments Rep Menlove +3 Passed
HB 57 Mental & Behavioral Health Amendments Rep Sanpei +3 Passed
HB214 Adoption Modifications Rep Chavez-Houck +3 Failed
SB 120 Target Shooting & Wildfire Regulations Sen Dayton +3 Passed
SB 55 Insurance Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder Sen Shiozawa +3 Failed
SB 43 Financial and Economic Literacy Education Sen Jones +2 Passed
HB 27 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments Rep Hutchings +2 Passed
SB 39 Parental Responsibility For Sex Education Sen. Reid +2 Failed
SB 119 Youth Court Amendments Sen Stevenson +1 Passed
HB 17 Personal Use of Campaign Funds Rep Grover -1 Failed
SB 157 Daylight Saving Time Amendments Sen Urquhart -1 Failed
HB 121 Firearms Safe Harbor Rep Pitcher -2 Passed
HB364 Nullification of Federal Healthcare Law Rep McCay -2 Failed
SB142 Repeal of Blacklisting Provisions Sen Thatcher -3 Passed
HB 253 Employment Verification Amendments Rep Pitcher -3 Failed
SB 128 Financial Transparency In Education Sen. Thatcher -3 Passed
HB 317 Protection of Concealed Firearm Permit Rep Anderegg -4 Passed
SB76 Outdoor Advertising Technology Amendments Sen Knudson -4 Failed
HB 268 Disorderly Conduct Amendments Rep. Ray -4 Failed
HB 76 Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments Rep Mathis -5 Passed
SB 110 School-Based Budgeting Amendments Sen Stephenson -5 Failed
HB 14 Requirements to Change Form of County Government Rep Grover -5 Passed
HB114 Second Amendment Preservation Act Rep Greene -5 Failed

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