Final Day LiveBlog – Legislative Updates

This post will continually update throughout the day:

12:30am – SINE DIE! We’re out and finished!

10:30: Senate rejects HB91 which would have allowed same day voter registration.

9:50: House rejects SB267, which would have partially subsidized a convention hotel for downtown SLC. It was a close vote, 35-39

8:30 House passes SB3, the Bill of Bills. Representative Patrice Arent tried unsuccessfully to pass an amendment to divert funds to a program that helps more women get into college. She tried to pull the funds from HB147 (by Rep LaVar Christensen), which got $95,000 even though it only requested $8800


House passes SB289 unanimously. Authorizes the Lt. Gov to hire outside counsel to investigate Attorney General John Swallow for election fraud.

Senate passes SB3 the “bill of bills” that outlines what actually gets funded for the next year.


HB228 – The Master Liquor License, successfully cleared final passage in the House without the expected removal of the so-called Zion Curtain, despite several Democrat and Republican legislators admitting that the Zion Curtain is “weird” and unlikely to actually prevent underage drinking.


HJR 10 is a powerless resolution that shakes its finger at Obamacare. The resolution passed and is off to the Governor.

Same day voter registration, HB91, gets held up in the Senate as a motion to uncircle (in other words consider the bill) fails.

SB 122 would create a system where private companies could provide funds for a pilot program to educate underprivileged children. The bill has had a very shaky go, having failed in the House originally, was brought back and placed into a conference committee. The bill has passed the Senate and will go back to the House for final consideration.


 SB289, the last minute bill created to prevent Attorney General Swallow from overseeing the investigation into himself for voter fraud, is now on the House calendar. Will be considered after dinner.


 SB 122, Student Leadership Skills Amendments, passed the House after a conference committee 60-8.


SB 72 the “Prison Relocation Bill,” after numerous amendments, is currently sitting in the senate after numerous amendments, and is ready for final passage.

SB 289 bubbled up today and would create a commission that could specifically investigate the Attorney General in the event that an investigation is ever needed (current the AG would be in charge of their own investigation). The bill is currently in the House.

HB 228 is the grand liquor bill this year, combining numerous other bills into a grand omnibus bill, has been amended four time now. One provision that is still not in the bill? Removal of the “Zion Curtain.” The bill passed the Senate and needs to be read in House.

The ever present HB 76 “Hair braiding bill” has finally, after many years, passed both chambers and will be sent to the governor.

HB 408, which would ban profiting off of mug shots, has passed both chambers and is sent to the governor.

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