Episode 16 – The Obama Army Is Coming For Utah! Special Guest: Senator Aaron Osmond

It’s the Final Countdown to the end of the 2013 session! President Obama is sending Army Special Forces to capture Utah, starting with Manti! Then, Senator Aaron Osmond discusses how his plan to expand high quality preschools was foiled, and he and Eric get into a small debate about the proposed Non-Discrimination law that would make it illegal to fire or evict someone solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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2 Replies to “Episode 16 – The Obama Army Is Coming For Utah! Special Guest: Senator Aaron Osmond

  1. Re: Senator Wayne Niederhauser

    It’s with sadness and dissapointment that I wright this email to voice my concern that the ‘Non-Discrimination Bill’ to be debated on the floor.
    I understand that individuals may have personal reasons to not agree or support equality but why is an essential bill that could prevent workplace discrimination not be allowed to be debated? This would take away the power of the employer to discriminated against gender, sexual orientation amongst other things. I have personally known individuals who have been fired from volunteer and other employment positions all because the employer fount the person to be gay! That is unfair and unjust and should not be permitted in a western democracy, maybe Uganda but not in the United States of America for goodness sakes!
    I would love a reply bu the kind senator to why he will not allow this to to be debated on the floor.
    Steven Russell

  2. I listen to you guys every week while I exercise. Thanks for making me laugh and informing me on what’s going on.

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