BREAKING: Utah Republican Party Votes Not To Discuss Allegations Against Attorney General

John Swallow, utah, attorney general, republican
Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow

Embattled Utah Attorney General, John Swallow, avoided further criticism today when a vote to discuss the allegations against him failed to get the required two-thirds vote to place the issue on the agenda of the Utah Republican Party’s central committee meeting.

These actions follow Friday’s stonewalling of questions to Attorney General Swallow by Republican Senator Daniel Thatcher when Swallow appeared before the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee. Thatcher, the Senate Chair of the committee, ruled that questions posed by Senator Jim Dabakis and Representative Brian King about the controversy surround the Attorney General were “out of order” and could not be asked.

Former Republican lawmaker Holly Richardson quickly made her feelings known on Twitter. “[This is] an absolute embarrassment. the Utah GOP [Central Committee] won’t even DISCUSS the John Swallow situation.”

Richardson continued, “So, our entire meeting today is focused on problems with the party – messaging, Drew Chamberlain, and more, but we refuse to talk about Swallow.”

Chamberlain, the GOP State Party Secretary, sued the state Republican party when he felt that Republican delegates should be elected at local caucus meetings.

Michelle Mumford, a Republican Party activist, also ran to Twitter. “[By] not discussing Swallow – [we are] loosing sight of [the] big picture.” Mumford also asked the question “So we’re against D Chamberlain but for J Swallow.”

Criticism continues to mount against Swallow as the scandal drags on. On Tuesday, after former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff told reporters that he was concerned enough about the accusations against Swallow to speak to federal authorities, including the FBI, multip times, Governor Gary Herbert and various legislative leaders, including Republican House Speaker Becky Lockhart, said that the voters should have known about the allegations against Swallow before November’s election.

2 Replies to “BREAKING: Utah Republican Party Votes Not To Discuss Allegations Against Attorney General

  1. This has got to be the most ridiculous move they could have made. Swallow’s legal issues have rendered him completely ineffective as an elected official.

    It is time for him to step aside and devote his time to his personal battles.

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