FLAGGED BILL: HB317 – Protection Of Concealed Firearm Permit, Rep Anderegg

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Rep. Jacob Anderegg (R)

While the national debate over the proper course of gun control continues to rage, one Utah lawmaker is trying to head off an avenue of the debate before it can even start.

Currently, the ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) is prohibited by law from creating a national registry of gun purchases and firearms permits. Opponents of the restriction, including many law enforcement agencies, argue that it prevents law officers from tracking down the sources of illegal firearms. It is estimated that a high percentage of illegal weapons could be traced back to a handful of gun dealers, and law enforcement agencies have long complained that they are unable to perform their duties and stop the flow of illegal weapons because of the ban on a registry.

The creation of a national registry has been a hot topic on the national scene, while proponents argue that it’s common sense for law enforcement agencies to know where an illegal gun came from, and opponents argue that law enforcement agencies will seize legal weapons if a database were to be created.

Freshman Representative Jacob Anderegg (Republican, Lehi), is proposing a bill that would draw a clear line in the sand, saying that Utah is not in favor of such a registry. HB317, Protection Of Concealed Firearm Permit, makes it a felony for anyone in Utah to share concealed firearm permit information with any “office, department, division, or other agency of the federal government.”

Similar to Republican Representative Brian Greene’s gun law, which has already been declared unconstitutional by the Legislature’s attorneys, Representative Anderegg’s HB317 would immediately be overturned if Congress were to pass a law creating a national registry.

This is a great example of why everyone needs to take a big breathe and perhaps a step back on guns. If overreactions are driving the debate, neither side is well-served, and in the end we’re left without any solutions at all.

Republican Governor Gary Herbert agrees, telling the press that everyone needs to calm down:

“I think it’s just time to count to 10 and be a little more thoughtful about this,” the governor said. “Don’t let emotions get in the way of rational thought. Let’s make sure that we do things that are reasonable and practical and really give us a good end result.”

Utah lawmakers may not want to admit it, but they are ultimately impotent when it comes to gun laws. As much as many on Utah’s Capitol Hill try to deny it, federal gun laws are a minimum, not a maximum. Utah does not have the authority or the power to go below federal standards, and the only result of their continuing push to do so are court battles that we lose and a waste of millions in taxpayer dollars.

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4 Replies to “FLAGGED BILL: HB317 – Protection Of Concealed Firearm Permit, Rep Anderegg

  1. Unless there is something I’m missing, I support this bill against a national gun owner registry.
    There is talk of creating a national mental health database to theoretically screen people with mental illness from buying guns, supposedly averting further mad gunman activity. anyone who had ever been “committed” involuntarily, or perhaps ever sought mental health treatment in their life, would be banned from buying a weapon.
    Studies show that people who have access to and seek help with mental conditions do not commit violent acts.
    Any federal database would simply invade law-abiding citizens’ private information, making it accessible to those other than care providers.
    Keep people’s private information private. We have already surrendered too many liberties in the name of security.

  2. Thank you Mr. Andregg for keeping your oath to uphold the constitution. I’m pleased to know there are good politicians like you who love our country and its constitution. I am a 55 yr old father. I was born in Salt Lake. I’m alarmed at this movement throughout our country to redline through our constitution and its Bill of Rights. You have my support and that of my friends and family. Please stand strong against those who are in the process of selling out our rich heritage. I will only support gun control laws that keep criminals and crazy people from getting them. Our second amendment was given to us as a means to protect us against a tyrannical government. No other reason. I also believe that our constitution was an inspiration from a higher source. Lets not let it hang by a thread.

  3. Okay, so as a parent who wants the ability to ask my daughter’s teacher if he has a concealed weapons permit and brings a weapon into the classroom (as they are allowed to do, by Utah law), which one of would be charged with the felony – me or the teacher (assuming he answered my question)? Why are my rights as a parent to know, if the one person that spends more hours in the day with my child than me is packing, less than that person’s right to not tell me?

    1. Actually that wouldn’t apply here Maryann. The bill specifically says it is a felony to disclose concealed weapon permits “to the federal government”

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