Sen. Dabakis: The Time has Come to Complete Canyonlands

Sen. Jim Dabakis (D)

In Senator Dabakis’ (D – Salt Lake City) weekly “Dabakis Caucus,” the senator expressed his support in expanding the Canyonlands National Monument in order to protect the land, not only for the environments sake, but for those who enjoy the land as well.

“These recreation areas should be used to recreate.” Dabakis said. “We are not the ones that want to put up walls around these lands, it is the big industry that wants to come in and start using the land for themselves.” Because of this, Senator Dabakis has begun conversations with senate leadership to address the issue of industrial encroachment.

“Is our stewardship going to be judged by the remains of what was once this pristine beauty…Or will we be judged by the sacrifices we make today?” Asks Dabakis. His inclusive approach, Dabakis contents, must include not only environmentalists, but also hunters, fishers, and off-road vehicle users. Ultimately, Dabakis is looking to end the stalemate that currently exists between industry and the state, the state and the federal government, and public lands users and all three of the above mentioned.

“Look, I am not optimistic that this is going to go far during this session, but the time has come to start an honest conversation.” Dabakis admitted.


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