Documents Show Attorney General Swallow Altered Financial Disclosure Forms

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Utah Attorney General, John Swallow

According to documents obtained by Utah Political Capitol, it seems that embattled Attorney General John Swallow altered his candidacy financial disclosure forms after his original filings.

Mr. Swallow filed to run for Attorney General on March 9th, 2012, submitting a financial disclosure form along with his declaration of candidacy (a copy of which is below.) But 6 days later, on March 15th, he filed an updated version of his financial disclosures, which adds several businesses and organizations that the original filings did not include (see a copy of the updated version below).

If you compare the two documents, you’ll notice that pages 1, 2 and 5 are identical, and dated 3/9/12. However, pages 3 and 4, which are the financial disclosure pages, are significantly different.

In his original filings, the Attorney General listed himself as the owner of a company called “Swallow & Associates LLC.”  But on the altered form filed 6 days later, he no longer lists the company as owned by him, but states that he only serves as primary counsel. In the later filing, Mr. Swallow also adds a list of organizations for which he sits on the board of directors, including Friends of John Swallow Inc, and the I Am A Leader non-profit education foundation.

Utah law states that it is legal to alter your candidacy declaration forms any time through the 15th of March, although the Lieutenant Governor’s office, who oversees elections in Utah, tells UPC “It’s extremely rare, and usually only happens when a  candidate wants their name to appear differently on the ballot.”

It has already been noted by the Salt Lake Tribune that neither version of the financial disclosures lists Mr. Swallow’s company “P-Solutions,” which he transferred into his wife’s name on March 15th. UPC has also learned that Mr. Swallow’s company SSV Management LLC was also transferred to his wife’s name on March 15th. That does leave open the question of why, if he was altering his financial disclosures anyway, did he not include P-Solutions and SSV Management? The line on the disclosure form requires that all entities which have paid the candidate more than $5000 withing the past 12 months before filing be disclosed. It also includes a line which asks the candidate for any employment of their spouse – Mr. Swallow lists his wife’s employment as “Housewife” on his original filings, and “none” on the 2nd version even though as of March 15th she was the legal manager of both P-Solutions and SSV Management.

**UPDATE 4:45pm: One other interesting note. According to Utah code, a candidate for office may be disqualified and removed from the ballot by the Lieutenant Governor if they fail to file their financial disclosures. However, Utah law does not have any penalties for filing an inaccurate or incomplete financial disclosure – you just need to file something on time.

There is also a January 10th, 2013 version of the filing, which can be seen here.


AG Swallow Original Campaign Disclosure Filing 3/9/12 by Eric Ethington

AG Swallow Updated Campaign Disclosure by Eric Ethington

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  1. Awkward. The more digging you do, the more you find. Frankly, sunshine is supposed to help, not hurt. When it starts to hurt, you gotta wonder why so much was hiding.

  2. @Daniel B.

    Oh, but sunshine laws *do* help. This is just the part where the light was just-now turned on and all the cockroaches are scurrying to hide.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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