Local Group Submits Formal Complaint Over Attorney General Controversy

John Swallow, utah, attorney general, republican
Embattled Utah Republican Attorney General, John Swallow

Alliance for a Better Utah, a local progressive good government organization, announced this morning they have submitted a formal complaint to the Utah Bar Association over the controversy surrounding Attorney General John Swallow.

Controversy has been swirling around Utah Republican Attorney General John Swallow for weeks after allegations were made that he had possibly facilitated a bribe. Several news agencies as well as former Democratic and Republican lawmakers have called for Swallow to resign (see ours here), the Utah Democratic Party called for an independent investigation by the US Attorney and Department of Justice.

But while a criminal investigation has yet to be announced, Alliance for a Better Utah is taking a different route and calling for an investigation by the Utah Bar Association.

“There’s more to this story than just the legal aspects of the allegations,” says Maryann Martindale, Executive Director of the Alliance. “This could be an ethical violation and the office of the Attorney General should be above impunity, the people of Utah have lost faith in John Swallow as Attorney General.”

When asked why an additional investigation (apart from a potential criminal investigation) is needed, Martindale replied that there is a need for a two-pronged approach. “As an attorney, [Swallow] has to comply with the Utah Code of Professional Conduct that’s been upheld by the Utah Supreme Court. We feel like ethics are just as important as the potential legal breach.

A copy of their complaint is below.

AG Swallow Bar Complaint by Better Utah

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