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We’ve moved days! Sorry to everyone who was wondering why they didn’t get their Weekly Political Review on Saturday, but the decision was made this past week that it made more sense to send it out Monday, so you get the weekend news too! Thanks as always for following along, don’t forget to share with your friends!

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Congressman Chris Stewart (R)
Congressman Chris Stewart (R)

Bishop, Chaffetz, and Stewart Vote NO On Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill 

Late Tuesday night, 78 days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, Congress passed a $51 Billion dollar relief and aid bill to assist with emergency services and repairs. Utah’s…
Sen Todd Weiler (R)
Sen Todd Weiler (R)

Utah Health Summit Encourages Medicaid Expansion, But Lawmakers Are Leery

Health Summit was hosted this afternoon by the Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) to educate lawmakers, industry professionals, and the public about the ramifications of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act…
utah republican senator steve urquhart
Senator Steve Urquhart (R)

Utah GOP Senator Compares Local Conservative Group To Westboro Baptists

Republican State Senator Steve Urquhart (St. George) took to Facebook over the weekend, responding to conservative lobbyist organization Sutherland Institute’s fight against the Sundance Film Festival by comparing the group to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. “The Sutherland Institute is…

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Episode 3 – Jan 14 :
Are food taxes really going to be raised this year by the legislature? Plus, why some conservative groups are pushing back against the Sundance Film Festival.
Guest: Former GOP Lawmaker Holly Richardson 

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Episode 4 – Jan 21:

More and more calls for AG Swallow to resign are coming out. Is Utah’s reaction to President Obama’s gun regulations justified, or blown out of proportion?
Guest: Conservative Blogger Daniel Burton

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John Swallow 2

After Latest Revelations, It’s Time For AG Swallow To Go
Over the past two weeks, as the controversy scandal surround Utah’s new Attorney General John Swallow has continued to build….
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Shrinking Lake Powell
When The Well Runs Dry: the growing problem of Utah’s
shrinking water supply
Western cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City are testaments to mankind’s ability to manipulate the environment in order to provide us with a …
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This Week’s Analyzed Bills, From Best to Worst

Bill Number Title Sponsor Rank
SB 38 Reauthorization of Veterans Reintegration Task Force Sen Knudson .+5
HB 64 Felon’s Right To Hold Office Rep Moss .+4
SB 122 Student Leadership Skills Development Sen Osmond .+4
SB 43 Financial and Economic Literacy Education Sen Jones .+2
HB 27 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments Rep Hutchings .+2
SB 119 Youth Court Amendments Sen Stevenson .+1

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