UPC Podcast – Episode 2! GOP Gun Bills & Quirky Education Funding Fixes

Eric and Curtis discuss the gun restriction bills coming from the GOP side of the aisle. Plus, Representative Briscoe has a rather quirky and unique way of improving education funding.

Download it HERE, or stream it below.


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5 Replies to “UPC Podcast – Episode 2! GOP Gun Bills & Quirky Education Funding Fixes

    1. Haha, we know. Until the session starts, and we’re only doing these once a week, the goal is to keep them between 30-40 minutes long. As of the 28th, we’ll be moving to twice a week, and we’re guessing they’ll probably drop to around 20 minutes. Thanks for listening!

  1. You missed this:
    “The banning of target practice areas are only in very specific areas described or shown on a state website and by a signed notification by the state forester after consultation with county commissioners or officials and other local officials and sheriffs.”

    1. You could ban the target practice in certain areas where just banning the use of steel core or steel jacketed bullets isn’t enough, but it would have to be in specific areas with local coordination.

      This is what happened this last summer. Most of the areas just had the non traditional bullets banned, such as steel core or steel jacketed bullets, but there were some specific areas where they banned totally target shooting.

      They did not ban carrying the guns in those areas, just target shooting.

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