Welcome to Utah Political Capitol!

Welcome to Utah Political Capitol! Utah’s newest political news site. Too often our elected officials make choices affecting Utahns’ lives that we never hear about. UPC’s collection of politicos, reporters and bloggers will bring you live political coverage from around the state, and seek to provide greater access for the public.

The 2013 Legislative Session is just weeks away, and UPC will be providing  bill analysis, interviews, committee reports and live coverage from the Utah State House & Senate. Every year, more than a thousand bills are requested by legislators, and hundreds become law. Deals are cut, games are played, speeches made. The majority of what happens on Utah’s Capitol Hill goes unnoticed by the public, muffled by the shear volume of what goes on in 45 days. Our hope is that Utah Political Capitol can serve to better pry open the doors, and better-inform the public as to what they’re elected officials are doing.


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